GoodHealth Mission Statement

The Good Health program embraces the values and ethics provided by Goodwill in order to enhance and enrich our priority population of moderate to severe special education students by providing equal access to health education, work opportunities, and mobility training through meaningful classroom health education lessons, on-site volunteer experience, and monthly field trip activities.

GoodHealth’s Vision

To build the capacity of each participant to manage their life healthfully as an individual, community member, peer, and family member in a way that empowers them to become their own advocates so that they can develop resistance, strategies to peer pressure, self-advocacy techniques, nutritional knowledge, and work experience.

GoodHealth’s Values

  • Creativity
  • Learning
  • Knowledge
  • Respect
  • Equality

Goodwill’s Vision

Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Intern Responsibilities

– Teach health education classes for high school students with special needs, moderate to severe (with teacher and staff present)
– Facilitate various student enrichment activities
– Participate in team-building meetings and weekly curriculum training
– Attend one on one meetings for project planning and professional growth
– Plan and execute health program events, activities, and fundraisers for students
– Network with various organizations
– Complete an internship project

Completion of Internship

– Stipend awarded when requirements are fulfilled
– Join Alumni Network
– Letter of Recommendation

Internship Commitment

– Available 15 to 20 hours a week
– One year commitment (August – May)
– Available to teach two to five classes Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8am and 3pm
– Available Fridays for mandatory meetings, trainings and occasional events
– Junior and Senior standing (>60 college units) or recently graduated within last year
– Maintain a valid driver’s license


– Attend all training sessions (September and January)
– TB Test (Cost covered by Goodwill of Silicon Valley)
– Fingerprinting with School District (Cost covered by Goodwill of Silicon Valley)

High School Events & Work Experience

Through the help of Goodwill and the teachers and staff of the East Side Union High School District, we are able to hold exciting and memorable events for the students. Students have the opportunity to interact with their peers from other schools, practice social skills and enjoy activities that may be new to them. These events include sports tournaments, dances, movie field trips, talent shows and more.

All of our students among the districts are able to volunteer at Goodwill stores in South Bay. Our Adult Transition Program at ESUHSD are able to practice at least twice a week transporting themselves within the community. Additionally, they gain work experience volunteering twice a week for the entire school year.

By taking the VTA to some field trips or destinations, students are able to practice mobility training that is useful for when they are not in school. Goodwill continues to assist in providing students with VTA passes.

Intern Projects

To enrich each interns experience, they are assigned a different projects to take leadership of. Each project has tasks that vary depending on if it’s an event, activity or marketing. The challenge is for interns to gain skills in outreach, leadership, project planning, interpersonal communication, and more. Below are some examples of past projects.

On May 13th, 2016 was the 6th Annual Post Senior Health Fair. This is one of two events lead by GoodHealth interns. Congratulations to Brooke and Tayler for coordinating a successful event for our students. We were able to receive donations and vendors from Planned Parenthood, Breathe California, Safeway, Target, and more! Big thanks to our family and community volunteers, the San Jose State University students and of course our teachers and staff.

On April 23rd, 2016, GoodHealth participated in the Autism Speaks Bay Area Walk. Together, we surpassed our goal of $1,000 and reached $1,590! We appreciate the support from our current interns and our alumni members contributing to this cause and walking with us on this day. We are looking forward to future years participating in this walk. Thank you to all of our contributors!

On April 15th, 2016 was GoodHealth’s very first professional panel lead by intern Jasmine Arciga. The participants were (left to right) Courtney Portal, DeAnna Quan (Alumni), Rena Garcia and Moriah Ortiz. These professionals are in the fields of Nursing, Speech Pathology, Social Work and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

On April 21st, 2017, GoodHealth hosted it’s 2nd professional panel lead by intern Taylor Dayton. The participants were (left to right) Moriah Ortiz, Rena Garcia, Ashley Kirk, Angela Hover and Deborah Pineda. These professionals are in Nursing (Labor & Delivery and Intensive Care Unit), Speech Pathology, Public Health Administration and Health Programs.

On April 13th, 2018 was the 3rd Professional Panel lead by Edith Moncada. The participants (left to right) were David Dea, Sonia Sifuentes, Elizabeth Abad and Mara Bravo. We learned about professional backgrounds in Nursing, Public Health and Non-Profit Organizations. Our guest speakers gave wonderful insight in answering interns questions about decision making, thought processes and having a positive attitude when exploring career interests.

On April 14th, 2018, our team participated in our 3rd Autism Speaks Walk and raised approximately $900 for the event. We walk for our students, for loved ones with Autism and for the families.

In 2009, SJSU Health Science Student, Samantha Dauz, partnered with retired educator, Marilyn Bliss to create a grant that would provide oral health services to special needs youth in East Side Union High School District. With this grant and funding from Santa Clara County, the team of health educators built a curriculum that would help their priority population in life skills and expand their knowledge in their health and well-being.

After a couple of years, it was time that the GoodHealth Program would need more stable funding. It was at this time where the GoodHealth partnered with Goodwill of Silicon Valley to be fully funded and continue providing health and life skills services. They were lead under the direction of Youth Programs Department Director, Bruce Shimizu. In addition, this partnership would allow Samantha and Marilyn to utilize the services of the institute to provide mobility training and work experience.

Each year, Samantha and Marilyn would hire a team of five or six college students from various departments at San Jose State University, especially the Health Science Department (now Health Science and Recreation). These interns would be the leaders and educators of the classes provided directly to students at their high schools.

In 2013, Samantha continued the legacy as the new Program Coordinator. During Samantha’s time in leadership, she built a rapport with the East Side Union High School District and established multiple annual events for their students to be involved in social skill development by joining all of the schools for community field trips. She also began the annual Post Senior Health and Career Fairs.

A year later, Samantha hired Serafina Morada-Angulo as her assistant with the purpose to eventually be her successor. And in 2015, Serafina took reigns on the program as Program Manager. Since then, the program has expanded into two more districts and the college intern teams have doubled to up to 17 members for 2018 year to serve in our schools.