Who funds the GoodHealth Program?
GoodHealth is fully funded by Goodwill of Silicon Valley

Who teaches the GoodHealth classes?
The GoodHealth team is comprised of 15 or more interns from various Colleges and Universities in Santa Clara County. San Jose State University and Santa Clara University are our largest sources for interns.

Who does the GoodHealth program serve?
High School students and young adults with learning disabilities within various schools in Santa Clara County.

Does GoodHealth only teach health classes?
No, GoodHealth also sponsors high school events and provides mobility training and work-experience for all students through Goodwill of Silicon Valley.


If I work and go to school, how difficult is it to balance that with the internship?
The internship is demanding, but we respect the work load and time restraints of both students and working adults. Most of the past interns have been able to work and go to school while being involved in the internship – sometimes with additional volunteering and internship responsibilities on top of that. It can be difficult but extremely doable, we try and schedule your teaching classes around both work and school commitments.

Will I be teaching alone in the classroom?
No, there is always a teacher or student aids and paraeducators or job coaches present who assist in each class.

Will I need a car for this internship?
It is highly recommended you have a car.

Will I be reimbursed for gas/mileage?
Unfortunately, gas and mileage is not covered due to budget allowance.

How many hours per week is the internship?
The commitment is approximately 20 hours per week and that includes the time in the classroom facilitation, transportation, lesson preparation, meetings, trainings, and projects/events.

Is this a paid internship?
Yes. A stipend is awarded at the completion of the internship program if all requirements are fulfilled.

How long is the internship?
The internship is one full school year (August through May).

What subjects do you teach?
Nutrition, hygiene, daily routines, relationships, sex education, emergency preparedness, substance prevention, and personal safety.

Do we have to make our own lessons?
GoodHealth provides all lesson materials but interns will collaborate and do research to improve lessons and create activities as needed. Interns update and adjust various lessons to fit students needs.

Do we buy our own supplies?
All teaching resources and supplies are covered by the GoodHealth program.